Should I Sell My House Myself Or Use Realtor

Most of the people go to realtor for selling their house. Approximately 90% people use real estate agent for selling their house. Selling your property through realtor gives you quick result but there commission rate is up to 2.5% in UK. It means if your property is cheap still it will cost you thousand dollars. By selling your property yourself you can save thousand of dollars. There is some of pro’s and con’s of using realtor versus FSBO (for sale by owner).

Real Estate Agent:
Commission fees of around 1.5% of the selling price.

Realtor deals many properties so he can’t give full attention on one seller.

Chance of getting offers is high in comparison to FSBO.

It is not necessary that seller can get feedback directly from buyers.

Seller doesn’t need to advertise his property. His realtor will pay for advertising.

Realtor measures seller property and gives important suggestion.

Seller can get quick viewing of potential buyers if they are in the list of real estate agent.

Seller should provide detail knowledge of his house to realtor for quick sale of his property and at good price.
Realtor may not update seller about progress of his property selling.

Seller can keep all the records of selling their house.

Seller should practice as home viewer and fix the entire problem what he found.

Seller can save thousands of dollars.

Seller can get feedback of property viewing directly from buyer.

House seller has to bear his own advertisement cost which is quite higher than realtor for single property.

Home seller has to search himself for good buyer for your property.

Seller has to handle all negotiation with potential home buyer.

Cost of selling property will be much lower, if you get quick sale without any advertisement.

In a US and UK market, many homeowners started thinking why they were paying 3% commissions to a real estate agent who didn't have to do much. If you have time and ability to attract, motivate the buyer and comfortable with the negotiating process, you should certainly go for FSBO otherwise go for real estate agent.